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Lopcombe Camp

An unusual British postmark on a British stamp, but with a strong Australian connection.

The first troops of the Australian 18th Brigade arrived in the UK on 17 June 1940, shortly after Italy’s entry into the war on 10 June 1940.  Originally intended for the Middle East, the troopships were re-routed to the UK  

Salisbury Plain became home for the troops, with most mail being processed at neighbouring civil post offices, chiefly Tidworth and Salisbury.

The HQ of 18th Brigade was established at a camp at Lopcombe Corner.  A post office was established utilising a skeleton cancel inscribed LOPCOMBE CAMP SALISBURY.

The cancellation illustrated is from the period of HQ 18th Brigade being based at Lopcombe Corner.  Dated 22 July 1940, it falls between the units arrival in June and departure in October 1940.