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Norwegian Whaling Mail – Tasmania to the Antarctic (1929)

This cover was posted on 3 December 1929 in Hobart, Tasmania.  It is an official envelope, with the return address Hobart Public Hospital.

The cover was addressed to Mr Jack R Ratten, aboard SS N T Neilsen-Alonso, in turn care of Messrs H L Tapley & Co Ltd, of Dunedin, New Zealand.  The cover was further endorsed “For transmission by SS City of New York“.  The latter was one of Admiral Byrd’s vessels for his First Antarctic Expedition, departing Dunedin on a re-supply mission to the Antarctic in January 1930. Tapley was Byrd’s agent in New Zealand. In Antarctic waters the cover was in turn passed over to SS N T Neilsen-Alonso.

Jack Ratten was one of 34 men recruited in Hobart, Tasmania in late 1929 to join the crew of Norwegian whale oil factory ship SS N T Neilsen-Alonso.  Ratten was a Tasmanian, and his father Victor Ratten was surgeon superintendent at the Hobart Public Hospital.  The cover is possibly penned by Victor Ratten to his son.